Thursday, 19 April 2012

Only in Bolivia

After all the fresh air on our island trip, we were happy to get on the bus to La Paz and rest. It was only around a 4 hour journey and we were due to arrive around 10.30pm.

Half way through the bumpy bus ride (there are barely any paved roads in Bolivia), the driver stopped and we all had to get off. Confused, half asleep and in the pitch black we were led to a little boat and everyone clambered in to ride over to the other side of a flat lake. Turns out, the bus goes over on a little barge, and we get another one over due to the weight of everyone. Oh and we had to pay for the privilege to meet the bus on the other side. Seems like a very strange system, why not just build a bridge?! Only in Bolivia...!

At the bus stop, we bumped into a group of 4 English guys and 1 Canadian (Ollie, Marcus, Johnny, Andy & Ryan), who I had met very drunkenly a few days before in Cusco. We all decided to go en masse in La Paz and find a hostel all together. A bit of a mission for 7 people, but it would be fun having a little group. We either wanted to stay at Loki (same chain as Cusco), or Wild Rover (which is a chain of Irish hostels with a few scattered over Bolivia and Peru), but these were fully booked for the night.

In the end we all checked into the 'Old House' hostel - a hilarious little place just around the corner with absolutely no atmosphere or vibe and decided to go for a full scale hostel search the next morning.