Monday, 9 April 2012


After our bus journey, we arrived in Arequipa around 8am and managed to check straight into our hostel. This meant that we were showered and ready to see the city by about 11am.

The city was really pretty with alot of buildings made from a special white wash stone set along cobbled streets. A few blocks away from our hostel, there was the central plaza where the massive cathedral which took up one whole side of the square. We spent quite a bit of time here over the next few days people watching, although it was full of low flying, unafraid pigeons!!

The next couple of days, we spent relaxing in Arequipa, wandering the town and sorting some travelling admin which was becoming essential as I had been putting it off so long.

There were quite a few souvenir markets which we visited too and I fell in love with everything made out of super soft llama fur like slippers and hats, but I knew I had to resist as my backpack was completely full to bursting. Although I was keeping an eye out for a jumper knitted from llama wool as it was starting to get much colder in Peru as we were travelling further and further into high altitude.

We also spent our time trying tasty local food and speciality dishes that we had been recommended - some of which were delicious, others were so dry you could barely eat them!