Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mud Bath and Sandboarding

The next day, the 3 of us woke up pretty hungover from the dodgy pisco, so we had a pretty relaxed and chilled morning, mostly giggling about our adventures the night before!

It was a beautiful day so around midday we dragged ourselves out and about to take in the sights a bit more and catch some sun by the lake. It was a Saturday so it was pretty busy with locals families swimming and picnicking, but we found a relatively quiet patch to sit.

One of the guys working at our hostel was on his break and we saw him sitting nearby, smearing on the mud from the lagoon bed all over himself. Then a local family started to do the same, so I thought I would give it a go... Apparently it's a local indigenous remedy that's really good for your skin - but it smelt horrific!

I covered myself as much as I could and let it dry in the sun, before making a quick exit to go and shower it all off. I can't say I noticed a huge difference in my skin, but maybe it was a little softer!

By the time we had had a good old laugh at the mudbath, it was time for us to leave on the sunset sandboarding tour, which we were all really excited about.

It started by us all getting piled into these huge dune buggies, there were about 10 people per buggy and about 10 different buggies from different hostels and tour companies in convoy. In one buggy we saw 3 nuns getting in, with their full head to toe traditional clothes on - hilarious! They then drive up into the sandunes into the middle of the dessert and the fun begins! The driver was acting like he was driving a stuntman and did some crazy scream inducing moves through the hills.

It was then time for the real fun and to get onto the boards. We got driven to the top of the huge dunes and told to lay down flat on the boards (as you go much faster than standing up) with your head hanging over the edge looking at the long drop below. You then get a push off and go flying down the dune at a ridiculous speed. I tried to get a photo of me going down, but I am going so fast that I look like a tiny blob!

The craziness lasted for about 2 hours and we kept on getting to bigger and bigger dunes - so much fun! The tour ended with us watching the sunset from the top of the dunes overlooking the lake - bliss.