Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Up For Over 24 Hours!

At about 1.30pm, the rain came to Machu Picchu and it wasn't just torrential - it was worse, so I decided to start the hour walk back into town. I had been there about 7 hours and it was starting to get too busy with people everywhere.

At the hostel we could have a hot shower, so I dried off, showered, changed and headed out for a celebratory beer and lunch with a couple of people who had also visited that day.

The train taking us back to Cusco was leaving at 7pm, so we had time to relax and talk mostly about how amazing our day had been!

After a much more successful return train journey, I arrived back at Loki hostel around 11.30pm and was completely shattered and more than ready for bed.

Of course that didn't happen in the party hostel, especially as all the friends I had made were still there and were very persuasive in encouraging me to have a few drinks!

It was another really fun night and went much like any other in Cusco. At 5.30am, I looked at my watch and decided that after being up for over 24 hours, it was time to finally crawl into bed!

An amazing day!