Monday, 23 April 2012

Getting Properly Sucked In

As the days went on we found ourselves getting sucked in to more and more nights out (same fun, different bar, different day).

Ben, Rob and Si even extended their stay at Wild Rover 3 times and that was just when I was there - this continued for a few days after we had left too!

We interrupted our cycle of happy hour and going out with walks around the city. La Paz is at really high altitude (just under 4000m) and as a result is really hilly. In that sense it reminded me a bit of Medellin.

I didn't find the city itself very impressive, there were no grand buildings or monuments or anything to see and it was certainly no London! There were just lots of busy cable covered streets, narrow walkways, pathways and main roads. One thing I did notice was that there were so many police stood around doing what seemed to be nothing but I'm sure they did have a purpose as they were always wearing full riot gear!

On our walks, we did see some amazing views across and into the hills over the other side of the city though...