Wednesday, 18 April 2012


It was about 2pm when we eventually arrived, showered and had got settled in our first stop in Bolivia.

As the lake is so high up, it was freezing cold and once again all of our layers weren't enough to keep us from shivering (the sunny photos are deceiving). But we went for an afternoon stroll to see the lake and the small town.

We had a kitchen at our hostel (albeit a small and kind of unclean one), so decided to make the most of it and make some packed lunches for our day out the next day. We went to the market and got everything we needed for a nice and healthy fruit and granola salad. This was an experience in itself as one lady refused to even sell us anything because we were Gringos. She then proceeded to shout at us in Spanish - nice! Sometimes I am glad that my Spanish isn't that fluent so I couldn't understand exactly what she was saying!

The rest of the day we just spent relaxing in town and shivering, before going to bed covered in so many blankets we could hardly move!