Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Arrival of Anna

My flight to Sao Paulo went without hitch and the weather in Bolivia gave me more of a sign than ever that it was time to leave - solid rain from the time I left the guest house to the airport.

But as we flew into Brazil the sky brightened up and again there were some amazing views from the plane window.

I landed at 14.45pm and Anna had been at the airport since 6am. When I was going through customs and passport control, I was getting soooo excited to see her and wanted to rush through as much as I could! But I did make a quick stop in duty free as there was a Mac, it was an avoidable force pulling me in and telling me to buy a new lipstick!

After missing each other about 3 times and wandering around the airport for 20 minutes, Anna and I finally found each other and had a suitable greeting with screaming, hugging and a few tears! I didn't realise how much I wanted to see her familiar face and someone that actually knew me after 6 months. Amazing...

We jumped in a taxi and headed to the hotel, chatting non stop all the way. Well obvsiously we had ALOT to catch up on!