Monday, 9 April 2012

Santa Catalina Monastery

On our last day in Arequipa, we decided we had done alot of nothing and eating for the past 2 days and it spurred us into seeing something cultural in the city.

We headed to the Santa Catalina Monastery which is a walled city built within the main city that was put there originally for nuns (bloody ages ago, can't remember the date though!).

Inside the buildings are really beautiful and the apartments the nuns lived are quite interesting as they show how they used next to nothing to live.

It was strange as the city is sooo noisy with people beeping their horns every 2 seconds, but within the walls, it was so quiet, in a sort of eerie way and there was hardly any noise at all. You could have easily been standing inside a monastery on top of a hill it was so peaceful.

That night we headed back to the bus station, booked onto a super comfy bus (with leather seats and everything) and headed off on our next adventure in Cusco.