Saturday, 28 April 2012

Off to Sucre

On Tuesday morning we packed our bags once again to head to our next town- although this time with a backpack of clean clothes as we had just had our laundry done.

I was flying from Sucre to Santa Cruz in a few days and Alice and I wanted some time in Sucre to spend our last few days together there.

Sucre was only 2 hours away from Potosi and to get there we opted for a taxi to save ourselves from another bus ride. The cost was pretty much the same and we knew we would get there much quicker and in more comfort. Alice had caught a weird stomach bug and wasn't feeling her best so the thought of getting on a bus was not overly appealing!

Another bonus about getting a taxi was that we could get him to stop anywhere we wanted on the way. He pointed out a famous castle with a cool turret bridge, so we pulled over for 10 minutes to take a closer look and snap some photos. Couldn't ask that from a bus driver!

Once we were settled around 3pm, we treated ourselves with a trip to a real supermarket (our first in a few months) and bought some delicious food to cook at the hostel. In memory of Chanelle and Pam we made Med Pasta (with a few essential Bolivian substitutions due to lack of ingredients) - yum!