Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Blur of La Paz

On Friday morning we woke up relatively early to get on with our hostel hunt. The boys were bang on it and by the time Alice and I had even got dressed, they had booked us all a bed in Wild Rover for the next few days - hooray!

So we moved our bags and settled into the hostel - it was still quite early though and we couldn't check in until 2pm. Alice and I desperately needed laundry doing (it had been about 3 weeks!), so we spent a good bit of time sorting through our bags and finding a place for laundry. Is amazing how the excitement of having clean clothes makes your day so much better.

After a little walk around the city and an afternoon beer, we headed back to Wild Rover to collect our clean clothes and glam up for our first night out in La Paz. As always this turned out to be one of many and my whole stay there now blurs into one, with it hard to define each day! It took me a while to write these entries as I was really trying to remember what we did when!

Sat at the bar during happy hour, I randomly bumped into Ben McCann (a friend from uni), who was travelling in South America with two friends from home - Rob and Si. It was really nice to see a familiar face from home and we all got on really well. After this, the night really started and we took full advantage of the bar in the hostel before heading out to another part of town and a cool electro bar.

It was a very funny night involving a Lebanese restaurant (don't ask), a club in the middle of no where with a red door (don't ask) and getting home early on Saturday morning!