Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Horse Riding in the mountains

The next day I got up nice and early as Bianca and I (one of the girls who I met on the walking tour), had said we wanted to go horse riding in the mountains around Cusco.

Having never really been into horses, I just hoped that I could have a nice tame horse that wouldn't gallop off with me attached! Luckily Bianca and I had about the same level of experience (absolutely none) so had agreed to stick together.

It was a beautiful morning and we set off with a South American cowboy to drive to the Saqsaywaman National Park (which is pronounced 'sexy woman' which the Peruvians find hilarious).

By the time we arrived at the park, it had kind of clouded over but the views of the mountains and over the whole of Cusco city were incredible. So we set off and my little horse named Sol was nice and friendly.

We rode through the mountains of the park for a few hours stopping at various Inca temples (the sun and moon temple) and strangely coloured rocky waterfalls along the way. The views were stunning and at some points completely breathtaking (the photos don't really do it justice as my camera isn't good enough to capture the detail in the distance).

In true Cusco fashion it started to torrential rain meaning we had to wear the ponchos we had packed which were so big you could hardly even see my feet at the bottom!

I actually got quite into the horse riding and by the end I was even galloping up hills and over rivers on him! Even a little bit excited for my next horse riding experience. (Sarah Nattrass, if you read this, let's go for a ride together soon maybe? Not sure I know what I am letting myself in for!)

All fun and games and an amazing experience...