Monday, 23 April 2012

Overnight Bus to Uyuni

After our last day in the city we headed to the bus terminal to catch the overnight bus we had booked to Uyuni.

We were still with the guys from Bolton that we had met but we sadly said goodbye to Ben, Rob and Si, who were headed to Cusco for the Inca trail.

As I think I have mentioned before the majority of the roads in Bolivia are unpaved and the whole bus journey was extremely bumpy and everyone had lots of trouble sleeping as we were being jolted about all over the place.

But we did manage to get a tiny bit of sleep and arrived in Uyuni around 8am and started to look for a hostel that could fit us all in.

Uyuni is a small little town which to be honest doesn't have much to offer - it's main attractions are a tiny clock tour and the train station! It's also in the middle of the high altitude desert. But it is the starting point of the 3 day Salt Flats tour that we wanted to do.

So we spent our first day wandering around the town and finding the best options for our trip, before booking ourselves to leave the next morning at 10.30am.