Monday, 30 January 2012

After sunset!

Our after sunset antics were somewhat different to our lovely calm and relaxing days we had spent at the islands!

In the first 2 nights, we drank the boat dry and the only reason we stopped partying on the Saturday night was because there was not 1 drop of alcohol left!

The cockpit became a dancefloor, complete with homemade disco lighting - a huge flash light! The sound system was on full and i'm sure the other boats anchored near us must have either hated us, or wanted to join the party!

Everyone got involved (including Sym, the captain) and we played drinking games, jumped in the sea, went on high speed dingy rides in the pitch black and raved - quite the nautical adventure!

Sym, slightly worried about his rep just kept saying 'this is meant to be a family friendly boat'. Normally his wife and little girl travelled with him on the trips but he was alone for this one and making the most of it - ha!

On the second night we even went over to the nearest island for a few hours to explore and make a huge beach fire, which was amazing!