Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Another bus station decision!

After an early night, we were ready for an early start and a water taxi off the island. Due to the crappy weather we decided to move on in search of something a little different, so headed for Panama City.

The journey involved taking 3 pretty long buses and on the 2nd bus, we soon realised that the journey would take much longer than expected (as all journeys do in this part of the world), and we would arrive in Panama City after nightfall, never a good idea to get to a major city in darkness!

So once again we made a last minute decision at the bus station in David to change our plans and visit the small, green and outdoorsy mountain town of Boquete. It was about an hour away and would still be easy to get to Panama City in a couple of days.

It was definitely a decision well made as the photos from the bridge across the river show...