Monday, 30 January 2012

A few days in paradise

The San Blas/ Kuna Yana islands sit outside the Panamanian laws and are one of the only indigenous people left to govern their own islands, although the whole group of islands is still classed at Panama.

This means that they are protective over their land and have rules that you need to know before going there. E.g. All coconuts belong to someone if they are found on an island and it is stealing to remove them! So even if the island is unhabited, which most of them are, the owner still has rights to every coconut unless it floats out to sea!

Another aspect is that there is 1 shop on 1 of the islands throughout the whole region, so your boat needs to be fully stocked beforehand. Luckily, the fresh produce aisle can be delivered direct to the boat by locals who bring everything from fresh fish to fruits and veg.

So for the first few days, we were in complete paradise and spent time travelling between the islands, tanning on deck and anchoring when we wanted to snorkel, fish or swim.

Whilst sailing, there were always islands dotted on the horizon in the crystal clear waters.

We actually saw quite a few shipwrecks en route too, which was a little daunting! We did manage to snorkel one though at Dog island, which was just below the surface and had some good reef and sealife.

San Blas were just Incredible and probably my favourite places of the trip so far....