Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Caldera Hot Springs

On our first day in Boquete, we decided to venture over to the next town of Caldera to visit some hot springs.

There were 3 in total of 'varying' heats, (but to be honest they were all pretty hot) and we spent a couple of hours relaxing in what felt like warm baths!

There was also an amazing river for swimming which was freezing cold but refreshing, which we headed to afterwards in order to cool down! The river bed seemed to the glistening and on further inspection, we found there were thousands of tiny flakes of gold in it! It was amazing and all afternoon we keep our eyes peeled for a nugget to take home and fund the rest of our trips (!), even though gold panning in Panama is illegal!

We soon discovered that the river bed is a natural exfoliant too and we saw the locals scrubbing their whole body and quickly followed suit!

We were basically exfoliating with gold - pure heaven and my skin afterwards was super soft! It was like we were having a mini spa day in the sun with jacuzzis & treatments!

While we were at the river, we got chatting to a funny guy who told me his life story within about 10 mins of meeting him (he retired at 27 and sailed the world before buying his own island in Panama!), but there was something a little strange about him. The more he talked, the more we got to thinking and were pretty sure he was on the run and hiding out in panama! He kept hinting towards drug runs and money laundering among many other illegal things!

Our journey home was an adventure as always! We ended up hitch hiking back to Boquete (which was a good 15 minutes drive) as there were no buses. Part of our journey even included a ride with some builders on a giant construction digger truck!

After such a nice day, and in our chilled and relaxed moods, we decided take advantage and have a night in. Chanelle cooked us lovely dinner of med pasta and we were in bed by 10pm on a Saturday night - heaven!