Monday, 2 January 2012

Worst day of my life!

So it was Wednesday 21st December and it was Pam's birthday and she decided she wanted to hike the Volcán Maderas, which is 1394m high at the peak.

In the Lonely Planet it is described as 'challenging' and 'a tough muddy scramble through cloud forest to the crater' - if only I had read this before I agreed to bloody hike the thing and actually they should change this because its a thousands times worse than they described!

The walk was 4 & 1/2 hours up and 4 & 1/2 hours down and I hated the whole thing from start to finish! Just to top it off, it was torrential rain for most of the day and everything I had with me was dripping wet. Oh and being the sensible lady I am, I was wearing a white top!

My shoes were filled with warm dirty water all day and looked like prunes when I took them off. Actually since then both my little toe nails have fallen off - GROSS (Pip I thought of you, haha)!

Literally the worst day EVER.

Although Pam enjoyed herself and this is her perspective of the events:

'When we reached the peak of the volcano we realised there was nothing to see apart from cloud - it was a dud. So we walked to a look out point to check out the view. When we arrived at the look-out and it stopped raining, I peer pressured Heather into smoking a birthday joint (which she would normally never do Mum & Dad)! Within 10 seconds Heather slipped and barrel rolled down the hill and was covered from head to toe in mud! Our guide wouldn't let her walk without his support for the rest of the hike. She looked alot like some kind of cripple hobbling with her walking stick on one side and the guide supporting her up on the other!

She was soaked, covered in mud, twisted her ankle and hated every minute of it.

Personally I had a great day. Yeah it sucked to be soaked but the cloud forest was magical looking and the howler monkeys were eerie. And Heather was hilarious :)'