Sunday, 8 January 2012

Playa Grande

During the day, the Tamarindo beach was packed and you could barely see the sand for all the people sat there, so we opted for the next beach over Playa Grande. This was much quieter but the surf was still good and we even managed to find some shade!

We quickly got into a routine of meeting our group at the juice bar in the morning for a breakfast smoothie. They were delicious and my regular order was strawberry, pineapple & mango with yogurt, yum. Actually writing that now makes me want one!

We then headed over to Playa Grande which was across the river from Tamarindo. The river is actually croc infested and although you can wade through during low tide, we opted for the little boat that took you across. There was NO WAY I was risking that!

I spent the days watching the boys & Chanelle surf, whilst doing some serious tanning. But Pam and I also took a few really long strolls on the beach searching for amazing shells, crabs & sea creatures. Pam even found me 2 shells that fit perfectly as rings and I have been rocking the 'beachy traveller' look ever since!