Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas Eve

We awoke on Christmas Eve to brilliant sunshine and spent the day on the beach soaking up the sun and it not feeling like Christmas at all!

We also did a bit of Christmas shopping in preparation for the day which consisted of all the classic essentials:

- 4 bottles of red wine
- 1 large bottle of rum
- $100 worth of fireworks
- Christmas piñata stuffed with goodies
- Jar of Nutella

In 'Time Square' (as we called it, which was the main square of town containing 2 restaurants and a few regular cracked out drunks), the locals held their traditional piñata bashing for the children at 3pm, which was fun & super cute to watch as the whole town was there (consisting of about 100 people!). The kids literally were trampling all over each other to get hold of the sweets
from the completely un-Christmas themed piñatas - spot the mermaid!

After that and in true Christmas eve fashion drinking and celebrations began early with my first drink of the day being a shot of tequila at about 4.30pm!

A huge group of us went for dinner at Mamas, which was a little ladies house that she had opened up to cook the typical food of Gallo Pinto (rice & beans) with chicken or fish and it was delicious!

We then went back to the hostel to continue the celebrations and set off the fireworks! Needless to say things got pretty wild with about 30 - 40 backpackers and hostel staff getting into the Christmas spirit!

The night ended at 4.30am with everyone going skinny dipping in the ocean! The sea looked so calm but once we got in there 1 giant wave surprised us and completely wiped me out! I got smashed into the sand and had a giant bruise almost straight away. The current was so strong washing up to shore that some people even had their clothes washed away, so I got off lightly and was thankful to take the bruise over walking back into the hostel with no clothes!