Monday, 30 January 2012

Gypsy Moth

So after booking our boat trip on our first day in the city, it was finally the day we were setting off and we were all super excited and looking forward to the trip. Especially as so many people throughout my travels had said it was one of the best thing they did!

To get to Colombia from Central America, there aren't too many other options apart from flying, which for a 1 hour flight costs $450 or you can walk the Derian Gap which is likely that you won't live to tell the tail.

So the boat trip was to last 5 days in total - the first 3 spent sailing and relaxing at the San Blas islands, then 2 days at sea straight sailing to Cartagena.

We had been told that the weather was pretty bad this time of year and all to be prepared... which we did by buying lots of alcohol, dramamine, pirate fancy dress kits and I went all out with a sailor top (that I found for $2 in a second hand clothes shop)!

Our boat was amazing and was a 54ft sail boat called 'Gypsy Moth' which is run by a lovely English couple Amy & Sim.

The jeep picked us up at 5am and it was about 4-5 hours drive up to the coast where you meet the boat and enter into the Kuna Yala region. And to really get into the sailing spirit, we started drinking at 8.30am - cheers!