Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aqua Lounge & a stolen camera!

It was Wednesday night and the party was at Aqua Lounge, which is on an island closeby meaning we had to get water taxis to take us over there...After drinking a bottle of rum before we left the hotel room, of course!

The bar was mostly open air and backed onto the sea, so it was complete with swings over the ocean and pools for drunken swimming, which luckily I did not partake in!

It was one of those nights where things got out of hand pretty quickly, particularly for Chanelle, as her drink of choice for the evening was glasses of neat vodka with a squeeze of lime - YUK!

After the party we headed back over to our island, but not before meeting a street food kebab man and buying up every single meat skewer he had!

Stupidly we had an after party back at our tiny little hotel balcony with some Costa Rican friends and a random local rastaman, (courtsity of Chanelle) who made his own jewellery and sold it in the park! The after party consisted of smashed red wine bottles, complaints from the neighbours, a near ban from the hotel and my camera getting stolen!

The only proof we had the next morning of the party & the robbery was a red, yellow, green and black rasta headband which had been accidentally left by the rastaman (in his haste to leave with my camera), which we found hanging mysteriously from our doorknob!

We would have one more day in Bocos, then it was time again to flee the town...