Friday, 6 January 2012

Feliz Navidad!

Christmas morning began like normal - I had a slight hangover (!) but nothing that couldn't be relieved by a Christmas morning baileys and some Nutella out of the jar!

A group of about 16 of us at the hostel all set to work making our Christmas dinner and with no turkey, stuffing or cheese available, we opted for a BBQ fish supper!

We ordered 30lbs of fresh fish from a local restaurant owner who went fishing specifically the day before to catch our Christmas dinner, however we had to prepare them and remove their heads etc - safe to stay I avoided this job - GROSS!

We cooked up an absolute storm and in true Christmas style, we ate until we could barely move! The evening pretty much went the same way, where we continued to eat and drank every drop of alcohol that was available to us!

My Christmas day outfit consisted of my bikini and a pair of shorts - somewhat different to the fur wrap, dress and tights I would have been wearing at home!

And my thoughts for the day (well before I got smashed!) were with everyone at home and also i found myself wondering what the Queen had worn for her speech...?!