Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Years Eve

So the big, generally expensive and over rated night of new years eve was upon us and it was finally time to wear the fake eyelashes & glitter that I have been carrying around since I left!

I started the evening with a few beers and Skype dates to celebrate midnight at home (which was 6pm in Costa Rica) which was super cute, even though everyone was smashed and rightly so. On that note- Sarah Agnes Field, sort your life out!

We then got all dressed up and headed out for a huge group dinner, where we snuck in our own booze. Red wine out of a carton anyone?!

After more drinking at home in the shack and at a few bars, we headed over the the beach, where there was a huge party kicking off with lots of dancing, fireworks & decorations and this is where we spent the midnight countdown! With cheering, many many group hugs, emotional moments, the stars & ransoms kissing us all - we saw in the new year!

After midnight it was time to do some serious partying which in our case involved dancing on lifeguard tower whilst swigging Bacardi from the bottle!

After that things get a little hazy, however I do know that we met some local guy who showed us a secret entrance to a Aqua, a huge club opposite the beach and we partied until dawn, before an almost sunrise stroll along the beach heading home.