Thursday, 26 January 2012

Casco Viejo - Old Panama City

After watching the sunrise, we sorted somewhere to stay in Casco Viejo which is the oldest part and across the water from the rest of the city. It is currently undergoing a major redevelopment project to regain its grandeur. So it's a strange mix of completely derelict buildings and right next door there are renewed buildings keeping their old architecture but revitalised and freshly painted.

This part of the city felt very European with central squares every few blocks busting with restaurants and people overflowing into the streets under canopy umbrellas.

As it is over the water, Casco Viejo had brilliant views of the business district, the new part of the city and the skyline. Although it was nice, it was very similar to other major cities, you could have almost been in Hong Kong looking at the same thing. It was definitely nothing compared to London, which really is one of my favourite places!

Some of the ladies here were wearing traditional dress, however it was different from what we had seen in Boquete as it was much more intricate with things like shin length anklets and clashing patterns.

Just a short few minutes walk along the water front was the local fish market, which was always heaving with crowded boats, fisherman shouting at each other and birds circling overhead. There were even loads of vultures milling around searching out their next snack - gross.