Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Boca Del Toros

I had heard alot of good things about our next stop, Boca Del Toros which is a cluster of islands on the Caribbean coast. BUT my liver feared we were headed from one party town to another - which was spot on!

The setting and feeling of the place was a very mixed bag though...

Being on the Caribbean coast, we knew it would be stunning but very weather dependent, and surprise surprise it rained for most of our stay with probably about 2 hours of sun in total!

As the climate is so mixed and with so much rain, it means that the gorgeous beaches are literally footsteps away from fully grown jungle!

Another pretty crazy thing about the Bocas Islands, is that they are notorious for being a hiding place for 'wanted' Americans on the run and taking advantage of the lack of extradition laws by buying there own island and disappearing!

The main town on the largest island was set along the water and had quite a New Orleans feel with the architecture and the colourful buildings with balconies.

As with most islands and sea towns, fishing & seafood is massive and we saw a few fishermen everyday prepping their fresh catch for dinner!