Sunday, 1 January 2012

Exploring Ometepe

So on our first day on the islands, Pam, Chanelle and I spent the day exploring the cloud forest jungle and generally getting a feel for the place.

After Granada it was nice to visit somewhere where the people were friendlier, everything was less commercialised and it wasn't as catered towards tourists.

We stayed in Santa Cruz in a cute hostel which seemed like it was in an enchanted garden. The bloody bugs thought they were too as they were everywhere!

The hostel was pretty full, so they squeezed us into what seemed to be an outhouse with it's own bathroom (which is pretty luxurious for me these days!). We later discovered that the owner had changed the locks and rented us the next door neighbours house, who had asked them to watch over it whilst she had gone to Australia for Christmas! Whooooops!

We saw lots of amazing wildlife & flowers and I finally worked out how to change the colour settings and use the macro function on my camera (I've only had it 5 years!).

In our room 1 night, we had 2 deadly scorpions and 2 hand sized super hairy tarantulas along with thousands of geckos and other bugs - gross!